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Flight and Hotel Booking

We do the researching based on your criteria. You don't spend hours searching and we get you the best deals.


From the big Cruises to Charter cruises on a catamaran, we make sure you will sail smoothly and have the best time! There are so many cruises to choose from these days that we will make sure we find the right one for you!

Business Travel

Are you in charge of booking the next National Sales Meeting or Team building trip for your company? Let us take care of the details!

If you are a business person who needs help with recurring flight bookings, we do that as well!

International Travel

Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America, New Zealand, Iceland... Short city trips, capitals hopping or longer cultural tours, we will help you make your dream vacation come true.

Retreats - Cultural - Spiritual Travel

Unplug from your daily hectic life and reconnect with the Earth and all its wonders!

If you are looking for a yoga retreat, a silent meditation retreat, a hiking trip or an adventure in the wild, please reach out!

Women's Adventures

Do you have a group of girls you want to organize a special trip with? Be it a Birthday trip, a bachelorette trip, a festive long week or an all-inclusive adult only trip, we will happily put it together for you!

Concerts - Exhibitions - Shows

We take care of your regular ticketing needs! Concerts, shows, exhibitions & other activities!


Are you a traveler at heart? Do you pack your bags in record time and always have a passport ready to go? You might want to work with us and start your home based travel agency from home! Contact us!

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Me in Playa del Carmen - NY's Eve 2009/2010

My background

Hi! I am Cecile and I have always loved to travel (that sounds so cliché ;-))!

I am originally from Belgium and as a kid used to travel every Summer with my parents and my brother to Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Spain... At the age of 13, I took my first flight on my own to go visit friends in Texas, USA. At 14, I toured Greece; at 16, Venice; at 17, the UK; at 18, Egypt; at 19, Turkey; etc... I never stopped!

I moved to Paris, France when I was 22, worked in International Sales & Marketing, then moved for work to Montreal, Canada, at the age of 26. That is where I started to explore the American continent!

At 29, I quit my job and went backpacking in Mexico and Cuba for 3 months. I decided it was time for me to learn Spanish and I packed my bag to go live in a family, take intensive Spanish lessons and travel when I would be able to speak decently... It was the best decision of my life!

I got back to the corporate world for a little, but it was really boring to me!!!

I moved to the US in 2015 with my husband and two sons and opened a vegetarian cafe in Juno Beach, FL in 2016. That experience taught me many things, and one of them was that I was an entrepreneur, but not destined to stay behind a counter!

I am now creating my new reality around Marketing Coaching, Energy Healing and helping people Keeping on Exploring through Traveling the World 🌎.

I feel so grateful to be able to shape people's traveling dreams! Thank you for your trust!

My Guarantee

I am a certified travel agent and am an affiliate of Archer Travel Group. This group has been in business for over a half a century with an impeccable reputation. To be a part of this group is a guarantee of professionalism, constant training and access to the best suppliers. I am very happy to have partnered with them and have all the tools to find you the best vacation with 100% satisfaction!

Don't hesitate to use the contact form provided or to fill in the Travel Quote Request. We will make sure to reach out to you with a personalized quote within 2 to 3 business days.

Thank you!

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